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About Me

About the Artist

Andrea Catura's educational background is in  geological engineering and planetary sciences, but after 20 years as an aerospace engineer, she transitioned to being a full-time artist. She is on the board of the Sunnyvale Education Foundation, is a member of the Sunnyvale Art Club and offers classes "experiences" through AirBnB. A native New Yorker who couldn't  handle upstate winters, Andrea moved to Silicon Valley, CA and spends as much time as possible in nature with her husband and son.  

Andrea creates organic abstract paintings that reflect her geology and space  backgrounds - they often look like rock formations or scenes from space. The paintings are often colorful but can be custom created for a more neutral feel appropriate for home staging or offices. 

She loves to be creative and also makes jewelry from her paintings, is a quilter, cooks with passion, makes tooth-fairy pillows, felted wool cat caves, stationary from hand-made paper, and is starting to work with mixed media on collages that incorporate her love of paint and fiber arts. 

My Medium

I use many different media - acrylics, fabric, foil, wool, metal and natural elements like branches... whatever I feel adds to the piece I'm creating. I don't restrict myself and therefore have a continuous desire to create when inspired and to learn from everything/everyone around me. 

My Inspiration

Many of my pieces are directly influenced by my background in science and space. I love color and art that simply feels good. Creating pieces that foster a pleasant environment it was I strive for. 

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